Atkinson-Noland & Associates, Inc. has provided structural engineering services including nondestructive testing and evaluation for federal, state, and private organizations since its founding in 1975.

The unique organization of the firm strives to balance a commitment to innovative research and development goals with direct application to problems in the field. The experience and education of our professional and support staff provides a strong capability for handling difficult and challenging material and structural engineering problems.

Through ongoing research and practice, the firm has established itself as one of the foremost international authorities on both historic and modern masonry structural systems.

Our services encompass structural repair, stabilization, and rehabilitation; nondestructive evaluation (NDE); in situ testing; laboratory masonry testing; structural analysis; forensic engineering; historic preservation and restoration; and expert witness. Our in house equipment includes ground penetrating radar (GPR or impulse radar), infrared thermography (IRT), ultrasonics, flatjacks, and water penetration frames.

Recent News & Events

Dave Woodham presents paper at ASNT NDE/NDT for Highway and Bridges: Structural Materials Technology 2016

Carlo Citto and Dave Woodham present papers at the 12th North American Masonry Conference.

Professional Services

Evaluation of Existing Structures Structural Repair & Rehabilitation
Historic Preservation Structural Analysis
Laboratory Testing Flatjack Testing
Seismic Retrofit Structural Monitoring
Moisture Penetration & Water Testing Forensic Studies & Expert Witness
Advanced Finite Element Modeling Bridge Load Rating

ANA Technologies

The ANA Flatjack (Purchase) The ANA Monitor
Compatible Injection Fill Infrared Thermography
Ground Penetrating Radar Window Spray Test
Ultrasonic & Pulse Velocity Tomography
Slip Testing